Loki is Perfection

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A chain that doesn't let you see the man I am inside

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Tom Hiddleston + soaking wet

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"He’s the complete opposite to me"

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His smile is so uplifting words can’t even explain. I have never seen such a gorgeous smile on a man ever in my life before like the amazing Tom Hiddleston.♡ 

All jokes aside I truly and profoundly am in love with his heart warming smile.

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Duality Challenge:

focus / blur

Tom’s laugh though..oh my god! x

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50 pictures of Tom Hiddleston → 33/50 (Source)

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movie requests, part 21 (requested by lady-durin-of-erebor) »

↳ “ask yourself: what would you sacrifice, for what you believe?" - thor: the dark world (2013)