Loki is Perfection


- when you’re doing this, when you’re approaching the role and learning this about the character, do you live it ?

- No, no

- You’re not doing Daniel Day-Lewis ?

- I can’t do that. He’s one of my favorite actors of all time and he’s part of the reason that I do this job but I could never do it the way he does it. It wouldn’t help me in fact. ‘Cause I think, any actor, the way they prepare, the way they work is all about releasing them from feeling self-conscious. Essentially, you’re exploring a life that isn’t yours and it’s very easy to feel like a tit. To feel like… One of mine.. You know I’m pretending. It’s make believe, I’m dressed up in a costume and everybody else in the room is dressed in shorts and tshirts because they’re crew members and they have a skill set that’s applicable and here I am just doing a circus dance in front of the camera.