Loki is Perfection


okay so OBVIOUS jokes aside, can we talk about that pause in the first gif? tell me that’s not loki thinking back on when he first encountered the tesseract. I’d give anything to get inside that crazy little head and know what he saw, seeing how greatly it’s affecting him here. it showed him things he didn’t know existed, things he probably didn’t want to see at all. he references it later, on the mountain with thor, telling him he’s seen worlds he’s never known about—the true power of the tesseract. I feel like maybe the amount of knowledge and “truth” loki saw made him crazier. “it touches everyone differently.” the way he says that doesn’t exactly sound positive. A burden, if you will. I want to know how this is going to affect him in the future, I want to know the consequences I need them. 

(Source: becausehiddles)