Loki is Perfection
Dear Santa, I don't want much for Christmas. I just want the person reading this to remain in my life forever. Send this to the people you don't wanna lose :) I love you forever xx:) Tell 9 people you love them, I hope I am one :)

Thank you, darling!!!

archcrawford replied to your post: Okay. I think I want to s…

// I want to see it too, from what I’ve seen on here it looks really quite good. I’ll just add it to the other 6 shows I need to watch xD

// Normally when I see a show all over the place on here, it makes me NOT want to watch it. Like Supernatural, etc. But this looks pretty interesting!

{Kisses} You've got the kissing disease!! spread it by kissing the next ten people on your dash

// Thank you, darling!

archcrawford said: // Oh god I hope you’re both okay! -tackles very very lightly and keeps you on your feet-

// Yes, we are both okay. It wasn’t that bad of a fall at least. *hugs back*

This is a tumblr hug. (✿づ◠‿◠)づ Pass this to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know that you love them ♡♡♡

// Thanks, darling!

archcrawford said: // I’ll come over and look after you, reading you dirty Loki fanfiction like a bedtime story with tea and biscuits <3

// That all sounds very good, darling. Especially the Loki fanfiction! 

// 6,300? I swear last time I saw you mention something about followers you had something like 2,000. And that wasn't even that long ago holy shit o.o

// Oh, not that much. I did have that many a few months ago but I got so much followers lately. :)

archcrawford replied to your post: // 2,410? I have no clue xD

// dayum gurlll

// ehehehehehe

// 2,410? I have no clue xD

// Way higher! 

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// I’ve got one pre-ordered and confirmed already but they aren’t taking the money till it’s ready to be sent out, so I have about 2 months after waiting for over a year now. One is 100% saved for me it’s just the wait ;-;

// That’s good, darling. It’s a good thing that you pre-ordered it because they sold out FAST! I’m very pleased with  mine. 

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// SDFGHJ LUCKY! Then again I had to use all my money I saved for him to help pay for the new things in the bathroom so I need time… I guess I should sell my guitar and hope I make enough for. Still, I’m £40 up already. Only £145 left to go ;-;

// You better hurry, darling. They are already sold out on SideShow. I hope you can get one but they are really nice, very well made. I’m very happy with the purchase. 

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// Wait what did you already get him? o.o Apparently the date from Model Zone has gone down from August 30th to July 15th, so… eh, I wish I could be sure.

// Yep. I got him yesterday. HE IS SO FUCKING AWESOME!!! I want to take him out and set him up so badly but I want a display case for him first. ladjfalskdjfasdf

Damn. I hope that he gets to you soon!

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// Can I have him?

// We can share, ehehehe. 

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// I didn’t nooo, I think I’m paying when it’s been shipped to model-zone for me to pick up. Hopefully I’ll be getting it soon though :D

// At least there are emails going out, meaning it will be shipping soon!! I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT. 

archcrawford replied to your post: Awww yes. Just got the email that my Loki figure…

// sdfghjk I’ve had no emails concerning it for months ;-; Shit… I have no money to pay for it. Well I best get selling my guitar…

// Did you do the flex pay? You should be getting an email letting you know it’s shipping soon.